Most of my work is done using iron, copper or brass, although at times I do enjoy working with silver. Iron is my favorite to work with as I consider it to be the most forgiving of all metals. All work is fabricated; I do no casting. All structural elements are silver brazed. This creates a molecular bond stronger than the metal itself. I use soft, low temperature solder to join my tin work, copper work and some of the nonstructural decorative elements of my pieces. This is a more topical form of joining - the metal equivalent of gluing paper.

     Much of my work is one-of-a-kind, however to justify the design and setup of some popular projects, I will make a run of eight or ten. This causes some conflict as I have no interest in becoming a "production line". I feel that, for me and my fellow artists, our reward for creating fine miniatures is that we are doomed to endlessly repeat them. As a result, I may wait a year or two to make another run. My returning customers have learned that if they see something that they would like to purchase, to do so as it may be some time until those items will again be available. I apologize for this however I must strive to keep my work fresh and interesting.

     If there is something you need or have in mind, common or not, simply ask. Many of my popular pieces have been inspired by bespoke commissions.

The Work

1/12th Scale Metal Work

IGMA Fellow